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Title: Do not bold, italicize or underline the title. Avoid abbreviations

→ The first name in each abstract should be that of presenting author.

→ Abstract in brief includes aim, materials and methods, results, conclusion & clinical significance.

→ For case reports introduction, case presentation, discussion & conclusion should be included.

→ Abstract in comprehensible English typed in Microsoft word, Tahoma font, size 12 and not more than 350 words.

→ A Maximum of two submissions only as first author is allowed.

→ Abstract can be saved and changes can be effected by the presenter

→ However changes cannot be made once abstract is submitted. Only on submission, the Scientific Team will evaluate the abstract and communicate with the presenter the format of presentation.

→ The abstracts should not have been presented or published in any other national meeting.

→ The scientific committee reserves the right to decide the mode of presentation based on uniform selection criteria.

→ The presenting author should be registered delegate of conference

→ Only presenting author will be entitled to get Certificate.

Last date for Abstract Submission is December 23rd, 2022